i needed that.

I woke up this morning and gasped at the clock- it was almost 9am-
Kaitlyn NEVER lets me sleep that late-
something must be wrong-
they must be up to no good-
or outside even though she isn't supposed to be outside without me-

I dashed out into the living room and found this

they were being GOOD.
Watching cartoons.
Devin even had a "mom approved" channel on-
instead of the mindless garbage cartoons he usually watches that he knows I hate.
I was speechless.
But I did manage to grab the camera for a quick shot before the moment passed.

The kids have actually been decently good today... I think they KNEW they were in for it after yesterday if they didn't CHILL. Good thing because I needed to take today to get my last minute things together/organized, camera cleaned, batteries charged, memory cards formatted, etc. for the golf tournament tomorrow.

So other than that one photo above that I snapped real quick this morning, I haven't taken anything new for the blog today. Sorry. :(

I did however, play around with a couple of shots from the other day when we went downtown. I almost trashed these but after reading some stuff on ttv processing (which is a method of making your photos look like they were taken through the viewfinder-ttv- of an old camera) I decided to play with them after all. There is a HUGE bank building downtown that has a crazy weird sculpture in front of it. I am not certain of what the sculpture is supposed to represent, if anything, but I have figured it out in my mind that since it has 3 "legs" the number 3 represents the holy trinity- the father, the son, and the holy spirit. I like that theory, and I'm sticking to it. :)


Now all the kids are outside riding bikes and screaming at each other... sigh... 2 weeks and 13 days till school starts...

Have a great weekend y'all, I probably won't be posting tomorrow since I'll be gone all day but I'll try to get something new for Monday!